Jamieson is the complete industrial solutions company
Since 1982, Jamieson Equipment Company has been dedicated to the dry bulk material handling industry.  We have stocked our Buford, Georgia corporate headquarters and distribution facility with thousands of superior products from the industry's leading manufacturers.  Our staff is committed to providing our customers with prompt turnaround of orders and service and with more than 100 years combined industry experience, our sales team is a knowledgeable and trusted resource for our customers.

 Superior Products + Expert Staff =The Complete Solution!


    Aeration, Aeration Blowers, Filter Cartridges &
  Filter  Elements
    Liner Material  



     Trio Logo    Linatex Logo
    Air Compressors     Load Cells, Digital Weight Indicators & Scale Equipment  

                    Atlas Copco       


    Air Valves, Air Cylinders & Air Line Accessories
    Moisture Control & Moisture Probes  





    Bearings- Ball & Roller     Post Drivers & Post Pullers   


    Butterfly Valves & Actuators
     Pulleys, Take-Ups & Accessories  





    Concrete Mixers & Mixer Wear Parts 
    Railcar Products  


                   A&J Mixing Co INC



               Martin Engineering Logo    

    Concrete Plants, Automation, Buckets &
  Overhead Distribution Systems 
     Remote Control Systems  







    Concrete Reclaimer / Water Management
     Safety - Gates, Cages, Ladders, Platforms & Valves  


  BFK Technologies  CETCO Logo                                            




    Conveyors, Belt Cleaners, Covers, Idlers & Rollers,   
  Return Roll Guards & Accessories
    Screeners, Feeders & Vibratory Conveying Equipment  


     Syntron Logo     


     SMICO Logo                Syntron Logo          
    Cranes & Winches
    Silos & Silo Anti-Overfill Systems  





    Dry Bulk Loading & Dust Control
    Switches- Motion, Speed & Emergency Stop  




    Dust Collectors & Ducting
    Ticket Delivery Systems  




    Electric Motors, Motor Controls & 
  Shaft Mount Gear Reducers
    Vibrators & Air Blaster Systems  





         Martin Engineering           
     Hose & Fittings
    Water Meters, Pumps, Heaters, Chillers 
  & Steam Generators





    Level Indication