Jamieson is the complete industrial solutions company


Jamieson Provided Services
  • Plant Erection

    Jamieson Equipment Company is able to supply the skilled personnel, tools, and equipment required to erect the equipment we supply.

  • Plant Retro Fits

    Our extensive product knowledge and inventory positions us to be the best in the business when it comes to retrofitting old and outdated equipment.

  • Concrete Mixer Repairs

    Reline and Repair Tilt Drum, Twin Shaft, Planetary, and Turbine Style Mixers.

  • Plant Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

    Allow Jamieson Equipment Company the opportunity to troubleshoot your equipment problems by calling our office and speaking to an experienced sales associate or by calling your local sales associate and requesting a site visit.

  • Customer Product Knowledge & Training

    Be sure to catch the next training opportunity and allow us to show you how we can reduce your overall maintenance costs and downtime by applying quality equipment from Jamieson Equipment Company into your plant.

  • In House Service Repairs

    Jamieson Equipment Company is a certified WYCO Concrete Vibrator and Parker Solenoid Valve Service Center.