If you don’t have someone on staff using the careful application of a hickory nut-loaded slingshot and his finely tuned sense of hearing to check the level of Level Indication - Jamieson Equipment Companyyour silos and bins (TRUE STORY), maybe you should consider our BinMaster® Bin Level Indicators for your inventory management and process control. Let us help you select the best solution for your application – we want to save you time, money, and support a much safer working environment for you and your employees!


Bin Level Indicators Enhance Safety

  • reduces the risk of accidents – no need for climbing ladders or onto bin roofs to routinely check bin levels
  • explosion-proof certifications are available on many devices for volatile or dusty materials


Bin Level Indicators are User Friendly and Save Time

  • easy to install and operate – highly skilled technical or operational staff not required
  • eliminates frequent climbing and allows multiple bins to be monitored from a central location – manage from one up to 120 bins
  • “fail-safe” feature offered on many devices that gives an immediate warning and instantaneous response in the event of a failure
  • require virtually no maintenance – by design, the “de-energized” operation of the motor in BinMaster® rotaries places less stress on the motor and prolongs motor life


Bin level Indicators Improve Inventory Management and Optimize Storage Capacity

  • automatically monitor materials and control processes avoiding costly spills, material waste, empty conditions, clogged chutes, jammed conveyors and unnecessary downtime – overfilling bins ruins materials, wastes time, makes a mess, and costs money
  • improves inventory level accuracy and delivers more timely information regarding bin status allowing for just-in-time replenishment reducing the risk of shutting down operations if material should run out – advanced systems like the SmartBob from BinMaster® allow users to view multiple bins at a glance


Bin Level Indicators are Highly Cost Effective

  • provide a solution for a wide variety of applications and every budget quickly paying for themselves in labor savings alone
  • optimized storage capacity and replenishment cycles makes even the most advanced BinMaster® system a fast return on the investment
  • designed to use less equipment to monitor more bins, can be configured to tie into existing control systems, and feature low power consumption and operating costs


Let us be your Complete Solution – we offer:


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