Right Tool for the Job – Polyurethane Skirting

by Samuel Rochester, GA Outside Sales

When I was a boy and worked with my father, he always told my brothers and me to use the right tool for the job. We quickly learned that when we didn’t, not only did we know it, but he could tell also.

When it comes to keeping material on a conveyor belt without harming your equipment, the Right Tool for the Job is Polyurethane Belt Skirting.

Before installing Polyurethane Skirting, this customer was using rubber “tire tread” type material thinking this would be a wise, economical solution that would never wear out.

They did not realize that the solution they chose was not the “right tool for the job” until it wore the belting and leaked like a sieve. Because it was too tough and too difficult to trim, it wasn’t properly installed to seal all corners.

It would not be easy to measure the drag and stress that it had on the drive system, but the material was originally made for grip, thus the tread. This particular conveyor would spin/slip on the head pulley at start up and that’s how they were reminded to shovel the debris away from the tail pulley which was causing the spinning and slipping. Leakage is inevitable when the material is not right for the job. It’s important to have material that will wear just enough to conform to the belting application but is strong and durable enough to prevent premature wear.


Product spillageOur customer was looking to find a better solution to the spillage waste and cleanup problem as well as diminish the cost of regularly replacing rubber skirting all of which increase labor and material costs.

Additionally, our customer had increased schedule shutdown costs due to increased maintenance and equipment damage to their rollers, belts, bearings, shaft, bushings, tail pulley, etc.




In this application, it took 45 minutes to remove the old material and trim and install the new polyurethane.After with Polyurethane Skirting

Polyurethane Belt Skirting can be used to contain material at the transfer points on your belt line. Varying heights and thicknesses are available.

Polyurethane Skirting Benefits:

  • Heavy duty internal skirt
  • Contains spillage reliably
  • Longer lasting wear life over quality rubber skirting/steel liner
  • Reduces maintenance and labor costs

Let Jamieson Equipment Company partner with you as your Complete Solution in parts sales and support.  Talk to us about a “Plant Evaluation” – with more than 30+ years of experience, we can save you time and money and find the Right Tool for the Job!


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115v Electric Winch Operation ● Powder Coat Corrosion Resistant Finish
Easy Ratchet Boom Adjustment ● Easy Assembly / Disassembly

The high quality Thern Silo Crane provides a SAFE and EFFECTIVE alternative to lifting materials and equipment to the top of a silo. The electric winch allows for EASY operation of the crane.  The powder coat corrosion resistant finish ensures that the silo crane will last in the harshest environments. Click here to read more and request information.

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Silo Crane Application

New Year's Eve Ball DropInteresting Fact: Thern cranes and winches have been trusted in high profile projects such as the New Year’s Eve ball drop and One World Trade Center in NY, Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam, and Ivanpah Solar, the world’s largest solar array being built in the Mojave Desert, just to name a few.

JEC from A to Z: Level Indication – Devices to Improve Process Control and Inventory Management

If you don’t have someone on staff using the careful application of a hickory nut-loaded slingshot and his finely tuned sense of hearing to check the level of Level Indication - Jamieson Equipment Companyyour silos and bins (TRUE STORY), maybe you should consider our BinMaster® Bin Level Indicators for your inventory management and process control. Let us help you select the best solution for your application – we want to save you time, money, and support a much safer working environment for you and your employees!


Bin Level Indicators Enhance Safety

  • reduces the risk of accidents – no need for climbing ladders or onto bin roofs to routinely check bin levels
  • explosion-proof certifications are available on many devices for volatile or dusty materials


Bin Level Indicators are User Friendly and Save Time

  • easy to install and operate – highly skilled technical or operational staff not required
  • eliminates frequent climbing and allows multiple bins to be monitored from a central location – manage from one up to 120 bins
  • “fail-safe” feature offered on many devices that gives an immediate warning and instantaneous response in the event of a failure
  • require virtually no maintenance – by design, the “de-energized” operation of the motor in BinMaster® rotaries places less stress on the motor and prolongs motor life


Bin level Indicators Improve Inventory Management and Optimize Storage Capacity

  • automatically monitor materials and control processes avoiding costly spills, material waste, empty conditions, clogged chutes, jammed conveyors and unnecessary downtime – overfilling bins ruins materials, wastes time, makes a mess, and costs money
  • improves inventory level accuracy and delivers more timely information regarding bin status allowing for just-in-time replenishment reducing the risk of shutting down operations if material should run out – advanced systems like the SmartBob from BinMaster® allow users to view multiple bins at a glance


Bin Level Indicators are Highly Cost Effective

  • provide a solution for a wide variety of applications and every budget quickly paying for themselves in labor savings alone
  • optimized storage capacity and replenishment cycles makes even the most advanced BinMaster® system a fast return on the investment
  • designed to use less equipment to monitor more bins, can be configured to tie into existing control systems, and feature low power consumption and operating costs


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At Jamieson Equipment Company, we offer ladders and work platforms for use where safe climbing, crossing, and working is required. With a variety of options including custom finishes, hand rails, steps, and rungs, OSHA design safety cages, security gates and ladder guards, safety chain, etc., we have a ladder or work platform to fit your needs! We offer Welded Steel Dock Ladders, Fixed Steel Ladders, Heavy Duty Crossover Bridges, Portable Crossover Platforms, Standoff Landing Platforms, Overhead Work Platforms for Forklifts, Portable Push-around Lift Work Platforms / Manual Winch Elevating Work Platforms, and Portable Electro/Hydraulic Elevating Ground Entry Work Platforms. Whether you need to climb up the outside of a silo, inspect products moving along your conveyor system, or safely change light bulbs at your facility, we are the Complete Solution!

Your safety is always on our minds! Check out the National Safety Council Fixed Ladder Data Sheet.

Visit our online catalog to find out more about ladders and work platforms.

JEC from A to Z: Ladders and Work Platforms

JEC from A to Z: Hose, Fittings and Couplers

Jamieson Equipment Company offers a wide variety of hoses including air and water hose, hot air blower hose, cement discharge hose, material handling hose, water discharge hose, and water suction hose. You may also need fittings and we offer cam anHose and Fittingsd groove couplers, elbows, hose barb fittings, pipe nipples, push to connect fittings, reducers, tees, plugs, and accessories. From the highly customized plant and conveyor systems equipment that stretch the expanse of your site to the smallest parts that connect everything and keep your operation running, Jamieson Equipment is the Complete Solution!  Click here to view all Hose, Fittings and Couplers on our website.

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Our customers use a wide variety of filters throughout their operations. Whether you need Air Intake Filters, Inlet Vacuum Pump Filters, Inline Air Filters, Filter Silencers, Inlet Filter Silencers for Blowers and Compressors, Rotary Blower Silencers, Filter Elements, Coalescing Air/Oil Separator Elements, Oil Mist Eliminators for Vacuum and Power Generators or any of the filter parts and accessories we offer, know that Jamieson Equipment Company is the Complete Solution!  Click here to view all of our filter cartridges, filter silencers and filter elements.


Filter Cartridges, Filter Silencers, and Filter Elements

JEC from A to Z: Electric Motors, Motor Controls and Gear Reducers

Premium Efficiency Electric MotorElectric motors are used by a wide variety of our dry bulk materials handling and materials processing customers like aggregates, asphalt, and concrete, chemical processing, food processing, foundry and metal fabrication, glass, paint, plastics and rubber manufacturers, textile mills, grain, feed, fertilizer, seed, lime, mining, power, pulp & paper, railroad, and recyclers just to name a few.

To meet the needs of our diverse customer base, we offer a wide variety of general purpose premium efficiency electric motors and IEEE-841 electric motors with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) enclosures, severe duty large frame electric motors, and premium efficiency explosion proof electric motors with TEXP (Totally Enclosed Explosion Proof) enclosures. We also offer shaft mount gear reducers and worm gear reducers, motor mounts, motor controls, temperature sensors, and other components, accessories, and options for your operation’s unique needs and environment.

If you operate blowers, bucket elevators, centrifugal pumps, compressors, conveyors, dust collectors, farm equipment, feeders, food processing equipment, hoppers, material handling equipment, packaging machinery, recycling equipment, screeners, screw conveyors, separation equipment, shakers, vibrating screens, etc., then great quality electric motors with all the necessary certifications keep your operation running optimally!

JEC from A to Z: Cranes and Winches

We’re going to take a quick step back in the alphabet to highlight one of our newest product lines – Cranes…and Winches!  We are thrilled to be able to offer products trusted in high profile projects such as the New Year’s Eve ball drop and One World Trade Center in NY, Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam, and Ivanpah Solar, the world’s largest solar array being built in the Mojave Desert, just to name a few.  And although some projects may be considered a bit more “low profile”, we love that these cranes and winches are also trusted in the back of countless work trucks across the U.S.A.!

At Jamieson Equipment Company, we offer spur gear hand winches, worm gear hand winches, air winches, portable power winches, heavy duty power winches, winches for railcar pulling, barge loading, and conveyor tensioning, portable davit cranes, transportable davit cranes, portable aluminum cranes, floor cranes, stationary davit cranes, and roof-mounted davit cranes for buildings and silos.  We also offer customized solutions specific to your project like equipment modifications and special finishes for extra protection in harsh and hazardous environments as well as a wide variety of accessories, components, and other options like rolling bases for portable cranes, wire rope assemblies, and speed and other controls options.

If you are lifting, moving , pulling, or positioning in aerospace, bulk handling, construction, defense and government, manufacturing, maritime, mining, oil and gas, rail, utilities, power generation, and wastewater projects, etc., you need cranes and winches!  Thern Portable Davit Cranes

JEC from A to Z: Ducting

JEC from A to Z: Ducting…one of my most favorite product lines!  I guess the clamp together and snap together products remind me of being a kid playing with tinker toys and erector sets only these products aren’t toys by any stretch of the imagination.  They are heavy duty and they are HUGE!  And because we serve so many industries, we make it our business to supply a wide variety of ductwork and accessories.  If you handle the collection and removal of dust, fumes, mist, etc., you need ducting!

Maybe you handle agricultural dust, carbon dust, cement, chemicals, food and grain, fly ash, milk powder, flour, diaper fluff, paint products, paper, petrochemicals, plastic, spices, sugar, salt, textile dust, wood dust, pharmaceuticals, metal dust, metal shavings and have to deal with not only dust but with chemical fumes, fume exhaust, condensation, oil mists, smoke, vehicle exhaust, welding fumes, etc.  Some of the industries represented by our customers who regularly purchase ductwork and related products from us are aggregates, agriculture, automotive, boatbuilding, chemical, concrete, food processing, furniture, lime, metalworking, mining, paint, paper, plastics, powder, recycling, textiles, woodworking, and the processing of other dry bulk materials.

We offer ductwork that is easy and fast to install, easy to clean out, has leak-tight laser welded seams, and is reusable – cutting installation and downtime!  Some of our products clamp together without the need for welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, precise measurements, or specialized skills and can also be taken apart easily for cleaning or reconfiguring due to floorplan changes.   Some products are available in aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized.  Also available are leak-free systems, abrasion resistant linings, custom manifolds, duct packages, flex ducting, and a full complement of accessories making Jamieson Equipment Company the Complete Solution for your ducting needs!

Click here to view all ducting products on our website.

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