We’re going to take a quick step back in the alphabet to highlight one of our newest product lines – Cranes…and Winches!  We are thrilled to be able to offer products trusted in high profile projects such as the New Year’s Eve ball drop and One World Trade Center in NY, Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam, and Ivanpah Solar, the world’s largest solar array being built in the Mojave Desert, just to name a few.  And although some projects may be considered a bit more “low profile”, we love that these cranes and winches are also trusted in the back of countless work trucks across the U.S.A.!

At Jamieson Equipment Company, we offer spur gear hand winches, worm gear hand winches, air winches, portable power winches, heavy duty power winches, winches for railcar pulling, barge loading, and conveyor tensioning, portable davit cranes, transportable davit cranes, portable aluminum cranes, floor cranes, stationary davit cranes, and roof-mounted davit cranes for buildings and silos.  We also offer customized solutions specific to your project like equipment modifications and special finishes for extra protection in harsh and hazardous environments as well as a wide variety of accessories, components, and other options like rolling bases for portable cranes, wire rope assemblies, and speed and other controls options.

If you are lifting, moving , pulling, or positioning in aerospace, bulk handling, construction, defense and government, manufacturing, maritime, mining, oil and gas, rail, utilities, power generation, and wastewater projects, etc., you need cranes and winches!  Thern Portable Davit Cranes

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